South Africa Travel Tips

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This section is all about South African travel advice. When arriving on holiday, the last thing you want is to have problems with logistics or details that are specific to a new country, so it pays to travel well prepared.

The most important thing to know in advance of your holiday to South Africa is the detail on entry requirements. If you do not have the correct documents then your airline will not let you fly. British passport holders do not need a visa for holidays of up to 90 days. Make sure that your passport has at least 2 blank pages and expires more than 30 days after the date when you are leaving South Africa. If you have a passport from another country, it is recommended that you check the requirements for entering South Africa with the relevant authority.

Recent new regulations impact everyone travelling to South Africa with children under 18. If you are travelling with children then you must present their full original unabridged birth certifcate (containing the names of both parents). If a copy is used then it must be certified.

Additional documentation is required if a child is only travelling with one parent, or is not travelling with a parent at all. For detailed information, refer to this leaflet produced by the South African government.

One thing that concerns many people is crime in South Africa. Read the truth here, but the reality is that as long as you take sensible precautions, you are no more likely to be affected by crime in South Africa than you are in most other tourist destinations.

Find out more about the South African climate, and the best times to visit. This is not a simple subject, since different areas of the country have completely different climates to each other.

Read more about South African money – the currency, where to get it, what things cost, and what you are expected to tip for. One thing is for sure – at current exchange rates, you will certainly get great value for your hard earned pounds when in South Africa.

The final South Africa tourist tips relate to driving in South Africa. Whilst it’s not essential, if you want to make the most of a holiday to the country then you should hire a car and drive when you are there.

Hopefully this South African travel advice covers everything that you need to know, but if there are any other specific questions that you have, do not hesitate to contact us to ask. It is also always worth checking the official government South Africa travel advice before you travel.

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