Flights to South Africa

South African Airways Plane

If you are looking for a flight to South Africa from the UK there are a number of options. There are direct flights from London Heathrow to both Johannesburg (duration approximately 11 hours) and Cape Town (duration approximately 12 hours). These flights are generally all night flights, operated by British Airways (BA), Virgin or South African Airways (SAA).

Cheaper options for South African flights are available if you are happy to transfer at other airports, such as most major western European hubs or Dubai. Obviously the total travelling time is longer if you take one of these options. You must also be careful to ensure that you leave sufficient time to transfer from one flight to the other.

Research and book flights to Johannesburg or flights to Cape Town here.

Cape Town and Johannesburg airports are both very modern and spacious, having been completely upgraded in preparation for the 2010 Football World Cup. From both Cape Town and Johannesburg you can make connections to all other major airports in South Africa. There are also substantial car hire facilities at both airports.

Flight to South Africa may take a long time, but when you get to the country and start your holiday, you are bound to agree that it was well worth it!

Photo by Danie van der Merwe used under a Creative Commons CC BY license.
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