Car Hire in South Africa

General Airport Car Hire

Car hire in South Africa is highly recommended if you are planning a holiday to the country. Not only is the country vast, with incredibly scenic remote areas to visit that are only accessible by car, but also public transport is not as extensively available as in the UK, and taxis (or cabs as they are locally known) are relatively expensive.

Car rental in South Africa is available from all major airports, with major international car rental brands offering a service in addition to local car hire companies. It is possible to collect a car from one airport at the start of your holiday and leave it at another at the end, offering a great deal of flexibility for touring the country.

If you would rather not have a companion read maps whilst driving, it is advisable that you request a satellite navigation system prior to collecting your car. You can also research tips and advice on driving in South Africa here.

Photo by Mary and Angus Hogg used under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA license.
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